Guys Do This Too

Male grooming is not a trend. I REPEAT MALE GROOMING IS NOT A TREND. Men want to look their best too!!! Feeling good about how you look is a human experience and should not be pigeonholed into a gender specific group of individuals. As a licensed professional in the beauty industry I am elated at the surge of product lines that cater to men. I FREAKING LOVE IT!!!!

Yes, male skincare needs are different than those of females but Skin is Skin in my unsolicited opinion. I want to challenge more men to come out of hiding and groom proud and out loud. There are spaces that exist that address the needs of the male demographic. As I have grown up in this industry I am elated to see the inclusion of men.

Little back story-

For the life of me I will never understand why or how the beauty industry has been allowed to go on for so long as lopsided as it has been. Women are the perceived target demographic and men have been left out of the conversation all together. The irony of all of this that the ones that are driving the industry are men. Some of the biggest names in beauty are owned by men. It’s crazy, right?! Well no dramas I am beating my drum and preaching from the mountain tops about more inclusion in the beauty industry. There’s enough room for everyone.

Here’s where I challenge you as the person reading this blog post. Do what makes you happy, do what makes you feel your best. If you want to groom then get gussied up and don’t worry about what other folks say. Until the next time I am wishing you the freedom to be your amazing self because that other guy is already taken.


So Long Schedulicity

I've been offering online scheduling to clients of ME Beauty since 2008.  In September of 2009 I sent an SOS tweet out and Schedulicity came to the rescue. I have a habit of being loyal to those that help me when I am in need.  Making the decision to leave Schedulicity has been tough. 

I've been searching for something since 2010 and it's taken me an additional seven years to find something that I am comfortable with.  I know that I mentioned Flexbooker in an email last month and when it came down to it,  I was shook.  They did a major haul and updated their system just as I was onboarding and things went amuck.  Sure they fixed it but not before I took off for the hills. 

I have decided on Acuity and that is my final answer.  It gives me an opportunity to serve you,  and this is very important to me.  There are tons of exciting features that I will detail in an upcoming email or vlog.  I haven't decided since the possibilities are endless.

Here's what I need from you:  Register for an account and I can take it from there.   If you had an upcoming session already on the books, no worries, it's still on the books.  I transferred all of the sessions from Schedulicity to Acuity.   There's also an Acuity IOS app for iphone users. 

Please click on the links provided here.  If you go directly to the Acuity website you will be registering as a business and not as a client of ME Beauty, DON'T DO THAT please and thank you!

Girl Powered Christmas #BeautyHacks Gift Ideas

For a while I have been stockpiling a list of awesome products from companies that are owned by women.  It was always my dream to have a brick and mortar that showcased women in business.  Plain and simple I'm a woman in business and I support other women in business.  Here's my list of #beautyhacks that will make your life and beauty routine that much easier.  Most of the items on my list will fit right in your carry on ;).


bumpcology® ingrown serum is my product that I created to help folks say "buh bye to ingrown hairs and hello to smooth skin".  It's a 1oz bottle of wonderful goodness that will have your ingrown hairs disappearing in no time. 

Three fun facts about bumpcology

  1. It's Alcohol Free
  2. Can be used daily for maintenance and to prevent recurrence of ingrowns
  3. The sleek packaging is gender friendly


My go to lazy girl in the shower make my life more awesome than it already is #beautyhack goes to Spongelle'.  I love these things!!!  I have everything that I need to shower and go on with my day. It saves me time in the morning because I lay in the bed until I absolutely have to be up.  This sponge-a-ma-bob thingy do... is body wash in a body buffer.  I don't have to have to fuss around with bottles slipping from my hands and landing on my toes.   There are no messes with this thing. I love to take my Spongelle' when I travel as it fits right in my carry is good!  It cleanses and exfoliates you 14+ times, how sweet is that?!  They make one for the guys too!

Three fun facts about Spongelle'

  1. TSA-Friendly
  2. Buffer (for exfoliation) and body wash in one place
  3. Easy to use


Tan Towel is a great alternative for you #fakebakers and #spraytanners.  It keeps your skin sun-kissed all year long minus the mess of spray tanning and the potential burns of a tanning bed.  It's a tan in a packet.  No fooling around with creams or can just wipe on your tan. Oh and the most important part is it's not oompa loompa'll be more of a golden honey bronze.   Just wipe the desired tan color on your skin and there you have it.   Notice to the naysayers: Yes, I am a brown girl.  Yes, I know about tanning, okay!  

Three Fun Facts about Tan Towel

  1. Doesn't clog pores
  2. Creates an even tan
  3. It's not greasy



I am an avid burner of candles.  Like every day of my life I am burning a candle.  Well, about six years ago there was this little store in town called Swan Creek Candle.  I wandered in one day and walked out a full blown candle addict.  So much so that when they closed in town...I spent the next 5 years driving to Perry MI (with my candle loving cousin Danielle in tow) once a year to get my fix myself a year's supply of #SwanCreekCandles.  Well, as luck would have it...I am now the proud retailer of this awesome brand of Candle Goodness.   

Three Fun Facts about Swan  Creek Candles

  1. 100% Soy Candles
  2. Cotton Wick vs Lead Wick
  3. They smell amazing

I've always been a poop shy kind of girl.  Literally I would hold it until I was safe and sound in my own home before I would drop the kids off at the pool.  Since Poo-pourri entered into my life 3 years ago I'm more confident and I don't hinder myself from doing my business in public places should the need arise.  I just spritz the bowl  before I go and the rest is history.  Here's a funny video on how the product works and it really does work.  It's a staple in my bathrooms at home and at work.

If you have any questions regarding products that you've seen in this blog post please email me at


bumpcology® Video Review

I am super excited that Theresa George of Theresa's Face and Body has reviewed bumpcology® ingrown serum.  This is a BIG FREAKING DEAL...because she's a BIGGER DEAL!  

Theresa is a certified medical electrologist, esthetician, licensed massage therapist, wax specialist, and freelance beauty writer.   My life is so full of tiny miracles and meeting Theresa is one of those.  You never know how things will work out.  She's awesome-sauce inside and out, an astute business woman, and someone that I admire in the beauty industry.  Theresa is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to skin, business, and the industry at large.   Sometimes I wonder what on earth did I do to deserve all of the goodness that comes my way.  For now, I will do my happy dance as she gave bumpcolgy® an excellent review.  

A Change of Heart

I am so excited to be back from California.  My trip was exactly what the cosmic physician ordered.  I spent 4 days in close quarters with about 19 other women.  The last time I went on a girl's trip was for my high school graduation present in 1994.  That trip turned out to be an absolute disaster.  After that experience I vowed to never ever go on another trip with more than one other female for as long as I lived.  And for 22 years I kept that promise to myself.  

Here's a video about my amazing retreat with my soul-sisters. 

What Lies Ahead

I am a firm believer in Democracy, Equality (not sameness) and pouring some Love on top of everything... in all aspects of my life. I do my damnedest to avoid being a hypocrite.  What’s good for the goose is good for the gander in my universe. Why else do you think I offer full body waxing services to both males and females? It’s my attempt at showing the world that I am for equal rights. I don’t just talk the talk...I wax everybody!

People are hurting right now and trust me; I get it. People are terrified right now, and I understand that too. And some folks are celebrating, and I can dig it. The past 12 months leading up to this election have been emotionally brutal. As an optimistic entrepreneur, I live for moments of clarity like the one gifted us this past Tuesday. I am sure some of you are thinking…”Here comes Tiffany with her psycho-babble bull crap”. That moment was a gift, and there is something that can be learned. It’s just going to take some soul-searching on our part as individuals.  

When things don’t go the way we’d hoped, the way we dreamed, or even the way we prayed for. We have to look at ourselves and ask questions. Were my expectations unrealistic? Why am I resistant to things going in a different direction? And the most critical question of all...What am I afraid of and why?  

When I have to process heavy things.  I take a piece of paper, and I write the “What am I afraid of and why?” Across the top of the paper and I list all of the reasons that I am afraid and why. Then I read them back to myself. That helps me process my fear. I now have two choices. I can continue with my fear, or I can release it.  Most of the time I choose to release it.

I gave up a long time ago on trying to control people. And I opted for better understanding why people do what they do. I have family members that voted for Hillary Clinton, that voted third party, that didn’t vote at all, and those that voted for President-Elect Donald Trump. We are all over the place when it comes to our political views. It makes for exciting family dinners and facebook conversations...hahaha  

All I am doing at this point is lmao and loving my family. My great uncle’s facebook post in reaction to Donald Trump winning the election is hysterical. I had tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard at him say that he didn’t even think that Trump would win, and he voted for him anyway. And my aunt’s reaction to finding out that he voted for Donald Trump...was even more hilarious.  Do they have me doubled over laughing, yes.  Are either of them wrong for voting for the person they believe is most suitable for the task at hand, no.  Here's why...I genuinely believe in democracy, equality, and putting some love on top of everything. And I do my damnedest to avoid being a hypocrite ;).

Here's What I Know
I love my uncle and my auntie so fiercely that I don’t care that we were divided on this political matter, because at the end of the day we are still family. And I love my family! I hope that every person on this planet can make enough space in their heart for the people in their lives to be themselves, even if you don’t agree with them. Unless they are hairy...then they need to be waxed end of story! hehe hehe

To be honest, if you don't like something about your current situation...change it! That's what entrepreneurs do. We look for opportunity in every case. We see the obstacles that face us, and we tackle that ish head on. We plan, and we execute. And we are willing to do the horse's load of the work.  

I had the privilege of speaking to several of my friends that are entrepreneurs the day after the election, and there was a common thread in every conversation...We are going to keep working our plans. I am headed to California tomorrow to #workmyplan. I will be speaking about the culture of sexual assault in America at three events this month. It's all part of me #workingmyplan. And if you don't have a plan may I suggest that you create one and work the hell out of it. You will thank me later.

Here's a link video from serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. The message is to Be What You Can Be.

Optimistic silver-lined sidebar: I am beyond geeked that two women were running for president on the ballot in 42 states. This is something to be proud of for those of us that fight for equal rights. Women have only been allowed to vote in this country since 1920. That's progress I am proud of. It's because of the sacrifices of women like Ida B. Wells, Susan B. Anthony, Madame CJ Walker, and Ella Frances Gross (my paternal grandmother) that I can do what I do.  

For what it’s worth, I love you! 


Dry Brushing Is The Perfect Compliment to Waxing

I am a firm believer in the magical powers of dry brushing and how it compliments many forms of hair removal especially waxing.  I swear by it!  Here's list of 10 benefits. The brushes are available for purchase in the studio.  Pricing is listed below.

Bikini Brush is $16.99

Back Brush is $24.99

Body Brush is $15.99


Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 7.01.26 PM.png

Refer ME

So yeah, ME Beauty freaking loves referrals from our amazing existing clients.  I'm super duper excited to reintroduce my highly successful ReferME campaign. I've tried over the years to modify the ReferME program and each modification has failed miserably...womp, womp, womp!  So I decided to get smart again and give the people what they want.

A free eyebrow or nose wax with every new client you refer.  The only catch is that the referrer has to be an existing client in "good standing" with ME Beauty to refer a new client.   If your account is restricted in anyway with ME Beauty you're not in good standing, so your referrals don't qualify until you make good.

Waxing You makes me happy


Thank You! 

I am the happiest esthetician on the planet at the moment, and I could not have done it without your help. Please pat yourself on the back...way to go! I have NOT had one last minute cancellation or no-show session at all this week. That's a record and deserving of recognition. 

This good news has me screaming in celebration because the playing field is level again. Everyone that wants to book a session, can book a session, and this makes me very happy! All is fair in love and waxing here at ME Beauty.  

Update on the Sticky BUNdles. The ladies are killing it fellas. Don't let them get all of the savings this go round. And another surprising group of BUNdlers are newbies vs. loyals. The Sticky BUNdles were created as a way to show my loyals...hey I love and appreciate your business. Here's the same awesome wax for a reduced rate because you are so amazing. Most of you are paying $85 per session for a bootylicious. With Sticky BUNdles that same wax is $58.75. Think about it! I'm by no means twisting your arm, but I am trying to get you to save some dollars while you can. It makes me happy to look out for the folks that have been supportive of my dream for so long. Which is why I never give new clients lower pricing ;).  I feel that if anyone deserves special pricing it's my loyals.  

Anywho I am on my way to see Bad Moms. I have waited all summer for this movie. What do you have planned for the weekend? Something fun I hope.

You Can Now Schedule Online

Yeah, so it's been pretty crazy these past few months. I was so hopeful when the clock struck 12 on 1/1/2016 that all of my troubles would magically disappear.  Instead I experienced the Cinderella effect and all HELL broke loose...hehehehe.

Allow ME to Explain
Some awful person(s) were sabotaging my little waxing studio. I have no idea who or why, nor do I care.  In 2015 leading into 2016 I have had over 300 no-call, no show appointments. That's why I sent my "Open Letter" to all clients. After the open letter went out. They started online attacks and a smear campaign against me. Then the insane phone calls telling me what a horrible business woman I was came rolling in. Enough was enough. So I fought back.

In order to weed out the trouble maker(s) I had to cut off the on line scheduling. Which broke my heart, because that has been my claim to fame. Life is hard enough, booking a wax session should be easy! I am hopeful that the ughhhh is behind us. 

Schedule Sin Barreras (without borders)

Clients: You will be required to input a credit card to schedule a session, only once.

Offenders: Your card will be charged if you NO Call NO Show ,or cancel at the last minute. And it will be charged for the full amount, no exceptions.  

Sticky BUNdlers: You don't have to input your credit card information. Just select your service. 

Sticky BUNdles Are Back and Better than ever. 
For the first time this year...Sticky BUNdles are back!!! So be sure to grab yours today. Incase you are new to ME Beauty and don't know what Sticky BUNdles are here's a brief description.

If you do anything this year, this is the ONE THING to not miss! Waxing just got easier and a little less expensive!

Just wanted to introduce you to a new way to save on your wax sessions here at the studio. Instead of re-inventing the wheel I just decided to redecorate it a little bit. After it was all said and done I came up with Sticky BUNdles. 

For those of you that don't's how they work. You're pre-purchasing your wax sessions in exchange for big discounts. They come in bundles of 4,8 and 12. You grab what works best for you. Our Top Five services are BUNdled so that you can save BIG-TIME. This event was HUGE last year. So don't miss your chance to get in on the savings.  Grab Yours TODAY!!!

Here's the catch these awesome BUNdles are only available until 8/31/2016 and then they go Buh-Bye. 
They are available online.

If you purchase a Sticky BUNdles package thingamabob you're grandfathered in at the price you purchase yours, and can re-BUNdle whenever you feel the need. If you don't purchase this awesomeness...I'll still wax you. You just won't qualify for discounted services

Wouldn't it be great?!

Yep, it's all true. The #GrannyPantyDrive2016 is under way and on the very first day we already have 19 packages of donated #GrannyPanties. We kind of had a head start, people have been donating since early March. You know we made history last year by donating over 2500 pair of underwear and a little over $1500 in cash to the Assistance League of Southeastern Michigan's ASK program. Let's make history again, by booking an appointment and bringing me some Granny Panties? 

You bet your bottoms dollar there's something in it for you. For starters your donation is tax deductible, and then you get a $5 off coupon for participating. Super easy, super simple way to get involved and make a difference for Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month.  

Please contact me if you have questions 248-413-733 Tiffany.

Here's the link to the story written in the Detroit News about the event.


I'm In A Pickle


So I have been having a really hard time dealing with no calls no show and last minute cancellations from new clients. $460 a couple of weeks ago in missed appointments. Each Week the cost for doing business with new clients is costing me more than it's worth. Today alone $103 in missed appointment sales. It's ridiculous that I have to spend my time typing this communication to everyone, because of the actions of a few...Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! 

For the moment
I have to pull the Book Now links from my website in order to maintain some control over who is booking until I change software systems. I am NOT accepting New Clients At the Time, unless referred by an existing client. You non-offenders will get an email from me with in the next week to log in to a new system. Offenders will get an invoice to pay for the services that they stiffed me on. 

Non-Offenders All of the features that you love will remain in tact. Just moving over to a new system that can protect from these kinds of shennigans.

Keep the link to this email and others to book future appointments, or call me directly at the studio at 248-413-7333.


Introducing bumpcology® ingrown serum

I am super excited about my little ingrown serum that could.  I've been retailing other products for about 7 years and the efficacy was an issue.  Clients complained that the formula no longer worked.  I called the company and the informed me that they changed the formulation and encouraged me to buy the more expensive product that worked "better". 

It was in that moment that I wanted to take the bull by the horns and do something on my own.  I need to be able to insure a consistent result with my clients.  And so after much research bumpcology® was created. I hope that you enjoy the product as much I enjoyed creating it.

Top 11 Reasons You Should Be Waxing

Top Ten Eleven Reasons You Should Wax

  11.  Stella Got Her Groove Back. Why shouldn't you? 


 10.  Because smooth people can't be rubbed the wrong way. 


  9.  You never know when Sports Illustrated will need a backup model for the cover of the Swimsuit edition. 


  8.  Right now, your back hair has been mistaken for a mohair sweater. 


  7.  Because you are SO worth it. 


  6.  Someone accused you of stuffing spinach in your pants. 


  5.  Because Gwyneth Paltrow does, or so they say. 


  4.  Because you're trying to impress your new beau or gal pal. 


  3.  To put a little Boom Shakalaka back into your bedroom. 


  2.  It gives you the super power of self-confidence. 


  1.  Who says you need a reason? 


My trip at ABS 2010

What an amazing exciting experience America's Beauty Show was this year.  It was jam packed with tons of information from the student assembly to the


So you are in cosmetology or a recent graduate and are looking for inspiration. 


How does one become a celebrity hairdresser or esthetician.  hard work and dedication.  In the beginning you will work very hard for very little and

you have to pay your dues there are no short cuts in this industry.


Master your craft and doing so takes years and tens of thousands of hours.  set out to be your personal best, and do it.


One the Shoulders of Giants


Being a cosmetology student is one of the most amazing experiences a person can have, and my attndence at America's Beauty Show this past week reassured my decision to become apart of the best, most creative and naturally gifted industry in the world.   There is no business like the Real Beauty business, we hair skin and nail folks by nature are a creative  forward thinking and talented group of people.  


It's no wonder that we are one of the fastest growing industries.  Where else can you graduate school become a world renowned esthetician, hairdresser or manicurist, or if that route doesn't tickle your fancy, create, manufacture and distribute your very own beauty products?  Your possibilities are endless and this was evident by the diverse background of speakers,  demonstrations and assemblies that were held during ABS2010.


There were estheticians and hairdressers that were authors, members of the cosmetology organizations, radio show hosts, platform artist, and the list goes on.  As differnt as each person's story was they all shared a comon thread, and that is being passionate about your work, doing your personal best, and being transpernt in business. On Saturday there was a Salon Sustainablity workshop and we were given pointers on  how to effectively reduce our carbon footprint. Robert Nemeth pointed out that when we conserve or save energy it means more money in our pockets, and who couldn't use a few more dollars these days?


Ms. Tabatha Coffey, Mr. Scott Cole of Paul Mitchell, Mr. Luis Alvarez of Aquage, and Mr. Darico Jackson of Mizani really made lasting impressions.  Tabatha spoke on not being a beauty bully, because we have the power to make someone feel great about themselves.  She also said that hairdressers won't ever be outsourced, because we empower people lives every single day, and you should be proud of this. 


Scott Cole of Paul Mitchell said that there is a difference between being good and being great.  While he was speaking he held a pair of cutting shears in his hand, and said that with them he feels more confident.  That he himself never stops practicing and working at being his personal best, and he encouraged member of the audience to be their best as well.


Luis Alvarez said something that struck a nerve with the audience and that was that we should expect to work very hard for very little pay in the beginning and then after we have developed our skills we will work very little for much pay. Darico Jackson said that the torch will be passed to the next generation of hair dressers, but mastery of their craft is a prerequisite.


Everyone wants to know, how do I become a celebrity estheticians or hairdresser or truly be successful in my cosmetology career? The answers are pretty simple: Work hard, continue your education, be willing to make sacrifices to advance your career and set goals for yourself.  "The people that are successful, they do the little things that the unsuccessful won't". -Scott Cole



I've heard alot about people being transparent in their business. This was evident from the student assembly to the trade show floor, and everywhere in between. Celebrity Hairdresser Mr. Darico Jackson said that the torch was being passed to the next generation of technicians graduating from cosmetology school.


  Ms. Tabatha


I met Mrs. Trisha Helmer owner of My Hair Place in Derby Kansas during lunch one afternoon.


What the beauty show meant to me. Bright lights, music blaring, heart pounding this is typically the stuff that rock star dream are made of, but not on this occasion.  This was America's Beauty Show 2010, and what a show it was.  


Online Scheduling Done Right!

I have been using Schedulicity for the past 3 months and well yeah we are in love. I mean it was just right, one of those this is meant to be kinda deals. Schedulicity has totally made it easy for clients to do business with me, and that is sweet sensation (and more bucks in my purse).

Clients love it, because they can book an appointment when it works for them and I love it because it saves me that . I am not some online scheduling virgin I've tried other companies and actually used one for over a year before I dumped that Zero and got with my Hero (Schedulicity). Literally that clients hated it, and I hated it for them. After all what I do is for them...So when they are not happy I can't be happy.

In the beginning I was not feeling the fact that they didn't participate in nailing the No-Showers to the wall with a full charge for a missed session.

I was like Yeah, No there no way this could possibly work.
As an esthetician I recognize that time is money, and No-Shows pretty much suck.

To protect myself I enforced the Big Bad I'll Charge Your freaking Credit Card If You Miss your appointment policy.

The Risky Business of Body Waxing

You've finished your training, passed your boards with flying colors, and now you are ready to take on the world. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed you have put together a resume and cover letter that gets results. You're hired! Those words are music to your ears, and they have given you the confidence boost that you need in order to live your dreams of waxing, facials, cuts, color, or round brushing. You can't wait to tell all of those that have loved and supported you throughout your beauty school journey.

On The Job Training

It's Monday and you are in your treatment room or at your station, and Mrs. Smyth walks in unexpected and needs a facial wax. She is headed out of town for business tomorrow. You are the only one available, and the receptionist books her with you. Yay! This is your first official client. Your career is off to a great start. You go through your mental checklist.

Wax Melted√




Client form completely filled out√

In the midst of you servicing your first client on your first day, the owner walks over and says "Take good care of Mrs. Smyth. She's a regular. Oh, and by the way, we use one applicator per client." You hesitantly comply with her wishes; after all, she is the owner, and you don't want to make any waves on your first day.

The receptionist tells you before handing you your only tip (Mrs. Smyth's) that the owner would like to speak to you. The walk to the back office is one of the longest walks you'll ever take. You get there and nervously sit down, and ask "Is there anything wrong?" She says "Yes, there is. Mrs. Smyth complained about how long it took you to wax her and that your gloves kept sticking to her face, and I noticed that you used too many supplies for that one service."

Don't Rock the Boat Baby

You are at the pinnacle of your career, you work in a posh Midwest salon, and the potential for growth is endless. There is just one problem - they are unsanitary, I mean DISGUSTING. They break every rule on sanitation. They double dip during waxing, don't wear gloves, their wax pots are a health code violation, and you, the germaphobe, are forced to go along with their unsanitary practices. After all, your job is on the line. In your heart, you know that double dipping and not wearing gloves while waxing is risky business, but you need your job. So you grin and bear it.

Making Waves

Sanitation during body waxing is a very touchy subject and has been known to spark the most heated debates among spa and salon professionals - so much so that people are afraid of losing their jobs if they speak out. If sanitation is a huge issue to you and you are unwilling to compromise:

o Put it in writing. Use your resume and cover letter, as well as your application, to state your intentions up front.
o Be willing to take a stand or walk. If you are serious about sanitation and the risks associated with double dipping and not wearing gloves while waxing, don't compromise your standards.
o Be on the lookout. There are spas and salons that exist that practice safe sanitation. Keep going until you find the right one.
o Ask and you shall receive. During any routine interview, the interviewer will ask the "if you have any questions." This is your chance to ask about their sanitation practices.
o Call in reinforcement. You've been gainfully employed; and besides the waxing violations, things are perfect. Before you approach management concerning their sanitation fiasco, do your research. Find others that share your viewpoint in a respectful manner.
o Put yourself in their shoes. This may be very embarrassing for them. Take their feelings into consideration and assure them that it's in the spa's best interest to provide the safest services to your clients.

The benefits of body waxing are endless. As we are in peak season for waxing and sun.  Please put your clients' health first.