So I have been having a really hard time dealing with no calls no show and last minute cancellations from new clients. $460 a couple of weeks ago in missed appointments. Each Week the cost for doing business with new clients is costing me more than it's worth. Today alone $103 in missed appointment sales. It's ridiculous that I have to spend my time typing this communication to everyone, because of the actions of a few...Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! 

For the moment
I have to pull the Book Now links from my website in order to maintain some control over who is booking until I change software systems. I am NOT accepting New Clients At the Time, unless referred by an existing client. You non-offenders will get an email from me with in the next week to log in to a new system. Offenders will get an invoice to pay for the services that they stiffed me on. 

Non-Offenders All of the features that you love will remain in tact. Just moving over to a new system that can protect from these kinds of shennigans.

Keep the link to this email and others to book future appointments, or call me directly at the studio at 248-413-7333.