Thank You! 

I am the happiest esthetician on the planet at the moment, and I could not have done it without your help. Please pat yourself on the back...way to go! I have NOT had one last minute cancellation or no-show session at all this week. That's a record and deserving of recognition. 

This good news has me screaming in celebration because the playing field is level again. Everyone that wants to book a session, can book a session, and this makes me very happy! All is fair in love and waxing here at ME Beauty.  

Update on the Sticky BUNdles. The ladies are killing it fellas. Don't let them get all of the savings this go round. And another surprising group of BUNdlers are newbies vs. loyals. The Sticky BUNdles were created as a way to show my loyals...hey I love and appreciate your business. Here's the same awesome wax for a reduced rate because you are so amazing. Most of you are paying $85 per session for a bootylicious. With Sticky BUNdles that same wax is $58.75. Think about it! I'm by no means twisting your arm, but I am trying to get you to save some dollars while you can. It makes me happy to look out for the folks that have been supportive of my dream for so long. Which is why I never give new clients lower pricing ;).  I feel that if anyone deserves special pricing it's my loyals.  

Anywho I am on my way to see Bad Moms. I have waited all summer for this movie. What do you have planned for the weekend? Something fun I hope.