For a while I have been stockpiling a list of awesome products from companies that are owned by women.  It was always my dream to have a brick and mortar that showcased women in business.  Plain and simple I'm a woman in business and I support other women in business.  Here's my list of #beautyhacks that will make your life and beauty routine that much easier.  Most of the items on my list will fit right in your carry on ;).


bumpcology® ingrown serum is my product that I created to help folks say "buh bye to ingrown hairs and hello to smooth skin".  It's a 1oz bottle of wonderful goodness that will have your ingrown hairs disappearing in no time. 

Three fun facts about bumpcology

  1. It's Alcohol Free
  2. Can be used daily for maintenance and to prevent recurrence of ingrowns
  3. The sleek packaging is gender friendly


My go to lazy girl in the shower make my life more awesome than it already is #beautyhack goes to Spongelle'.  I love these things!!!  I have everything that I need to shower and go on with my day. It saves me time in the morning because I lay in the bed until I absolutely have to be up.  This sponge-a-ma-bob thingy do... is body wash in a body buffer.  I don't have to have to fuss around with bottles slipping from my hands and landing on my toes.   There are no messes with this thing. I love to take my Spongelle' when I travel as it fits right in my carry is good!  It cleanses and exfoliates you 14+ times, how sweet is that?!  They make one for the guys too!

Three fun facts about Spongelle'

  1. TSA-Friendly
  2. Buffer (for exfoliation) and body wash in one place
  3. Easy to use


Tan Towel is a great alternative for you #fakebakers and #spraytanners.  It keeps your skin sun-kissed all year long minus the mess of spray tanning and the potential burns of a tanning bed.  It's a tan in a packet.  No fooling around with creams or can just wipe on your tan. Oh and the most important part is it's not oompa loompa'll be more of a golden honey bronze.   Just wipe the desired tan color on your skin and there you have it.   Notice to the naysayers: Yes, I am a brown girl.  Yes, I know about tanning, okay!  

Three Fun Facts about Tan Towel

  1. Doesn't clog pores
  2. Creates an even tan
  3. It's not greasy



I am an avid burner of candles.  Like every day of my life I am burning a candle.  Well, about six years ago there was this little store in town called Swan Creek Candle.  I wandered in one day and walked out a full blown candle addict.  So much so that when they closed in town...I spent the next 5 years driving to Perry MI (with my candle loving cousin Danielle in tow) once a year to get my fix myself a year's supply of #SwanCreekCandles.  Well, as luck would have it...I am now the proud retailer of this awesome brand of Candle Goodness.   

Three Fun Facts about Swan  Creek Candles

  1. 100% Soy Candles
  2. Cotton Wick vs Lead Wick
  3. They smell amazing

I've always been a poop shy kind of girl.  Literally I would hold it until I was safe and sound in my own home before I would drop the kids off at the pool.  Since Poo-pourri entered into my life 3 years ago I'm more confident and I don't hinder myself from doing my business in public places should the need arise.  I just spritz the bowl  before I go and the rest is history.  Here's a funny video on how the product works and it really does work.  It's a staple in my bathrooms at home and at work.

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