I have been using Schedulicity for the past 3 months and well yeah we are in love. I mean it was just right, one of those this is meant to be kinda deals. Schedulicity has totally made it easy for clients to do business with me, and that is sweet sensation (and more bucks in my purse).

Clients love it, because they can book an appointment when it works for them and I love it because it saves me that . I am not some online scheduling virgin I've tried other companies and actually used one for over a year before I dumped that Zero and got with my Hero (Schedulicity). Literally that clients hated it, and I hated it for them. After all what I do is for them...So when they are not happy I can't be happy.

In the beginning I was not feeling the fact that they didn't participate in nailing the No-Showers to the wall with a full charge for a missed session.

I was like Yeah, No there no way this could possibly work.
As an esthetician I recognize that time is money, and No-Shows pretty much suck.

To protect myself I enforced the Big Bad I'll Charge Your freaking Credit Card If You Miss your appointment policy.