ok so as usual i was watching a pistons game; and yes girly girls do watch basketball my home is pistons country, anywho i got this brilliant idea after seeing rodney (50 cent look-a-like) stuckey shooting a pair at the line, that's basketball lingo for free throws. his unders were very well man-a-cured.  

that's it a brazilian wax for your pits fellas. stuckey had this landing strip kinda thing going on. as a waxologist i was very fascinated with his well groomed pits. nothing makes a girl toss her cookies faster than a full on pit-bush at the free throw line. 

hey nba, since you are in the mood to shake things up and add penalties,fines,fewer technicals and the like please keep the fans in mind and implement a under-pit grooming rule. thanks stuckey for starting this new trend. rock on rodney ms. esthy loves you.