image credit: The Age

I have been asked this question quite a bit lately, and there is just so much hoopla and confusion surrounding this term. That even i am starting to get confused, so I have taken it upon myself to change the name from BRAZILIAN to LE'KINIVAL (lay-key-knee-val) which would certainly explain the party going on in your

No seriously why are we so hung up on naming, renaming an already named thing, and over naming that? Brazilian, playboy, hollywood, tahitian, sphynx, do you feel my pain? Will we ever be on the same page? We need to unite as a collective group of waxologists and waxees to come up with a term that we agree upon. The thing that i find most ironic when it comes to B.P.H.T.S'.s is that the majority of places that provide the B.P.H.T.S wax thingy, won't even wax the butt. Now just what the heck is that all about? A true brazilian bikini or panty has the buttocks exposed and the exposed area looks better without hair.

I am a firm believer in having a sense of background and knowledge on a subject before i act on it. Most people have no idea where something came from and what the true meaning behind it is. A real brazilian wax is for the purpose of waxing the buttocks. (to wear those sexy little thong bikini bottoms) Whether or not you decide to leave a strip, patch, heart, triangle, or nothing does not make your waxing less brazilian if your rear is included. What makes me an expert? Because I am a reformed panty pusher, no seriously I sold lingerie for many years to pay my way through school. It is just one of those things that sticks with you.

So all those in favor of officially changing the brazilian wax to le' carnival please say I. And remember to have fun just walking!!!