What an amazing exciting experience America's Beauty Show was this year.  It was jam packed with tons of information from the student assembly to the


So you are in cosmetology or a recent graduate and are looking for inspiration. 


How does one become a celebrity hairdresser or esthetician.  hard work and dedication.  In the beginning you will work very hard for very little and

you have to pay your dues there are no short cuts in this industry.


Master your craft and doing so takes years and tens of thousands of hours.  set out to be your personal best, and do it.


One the Shoulders of Giants


Being a cosmetology student is one of the most amazing experiences a person can have, and my attndence at America's Beauty Show this past week reassured my decision to become apart of the best, most creative and naturally gifted industry in the world.   There is no business like the Real Beauty business, we hair skin and nail folks by nature are a creative  forward thinking and talented group of people.  


It's no wonder that we are one of the fastest growing industries.  Where else can you graduate school become a world renowned esthetician, hairdresser or manicurist, or if that route doesn't tickle your fancy, create, manufacture and distribute your very own beauty products?  Your possibilities are endless and this was evident by the diverse background of speakers,  demonstrations and assemblies that were held during ABS2010.


There were estheticians and hairdressers that were authors, members of the cosmetology organizations, radio show hosts, platform artist, and the list goes on.  As differnt as each person's story was they all shared a comon thread, and that is being passionate about your work, doing your personal best, and being transpernt in business. On Saturday there was a Salon Sustainablity workshop and we were given pointers on  how to effectively reduce our carbon footprint. Robert Nemeth pointed out that when we conserve or save energy it means more money in our pockets, and who couldn't use a few more dollars these days?


Ms. Tabatha Coffey, Mr. Scott Cole of Paul Mitchell, Mr. Luis Alvarez of Aquage, and Mr. Darico Jackson of Mizani really made lasting impressions.  Tabatha spoke on not being a beauty bully, because we have the power to make someone feel great about themselves.  She also said that hairdressers won't ever be outsourced, because we empower people lives every single day, and you should be proud of this. 


Scott Cole of Paul Mitchell said that there is a difference between being good and being great.  While he was speaking he held a pair of cutting shears in his hand, and said that with them he feels more confident.  That he himself never stops practicing and working at being his personal best, and he encouraged member of the audience to be their best as well.


Luis Alvarez said something that struck a nerve with the audience and that was that we should expect to work very hard for very little pay in the beginning and then after we have developed our skills we will work very little for much pay. Darico Jackson said that the torch will be passed to the next generation of hair dressers, but mastery of their craft is a prerequisite.


Everyone wants to know, how do I become a celebrity estheticians or hairdresser or truly be successful in my cosmetology career? The answers are pretty simple: Work hard, continue your education, be willing to make sacrifices to advance your career and set goals for yourself.  "The people that are successful, they do the little things that the unsuccessful won't". -Scott Cole



I've heard alot about people being transparent in their business. This was evident from the student assembly to the trade show floor, and everywhere in between. Celebrity Hairdresser Mr. Darico Jackson said that the torch was being passed to the next generation of technicians graduating from cosmetology school.


  Ms. Tabatha


I met Mrs. Trisha Helmer owner of My Hair Place in Derby Kansas during lunch one afternoon.


What the beauty show meant to me. Bright lights, music blaring, heart pounding this is typically the stuff that rock star dream are made of, but not on this occasion.  This was America's Beauty Show 2010, and what a show it was.