I loved to watch willy wonka's chocolate factory growing up.  The oompa loompas were my absolute favorites.  They were awesome with their perfect timing and song and dance all while working in an the most amazing place on earth.

I have always held a special place in my heart for the oompa loompas, but ironically about 12 years ago I saw my first oompa loompa in person and she wasn't as cute as I'd remember them in the movie.  She was actually very tall, pleasant and resembled someone the I'd worked with the night before.

1997 I was working at Victoria's Secret in Westland mall and they just launched a self tanning line, and we were given some to try.   My co-worker went home and came back the next day a full on oompa loompa.  I was horrified for her because that orange is just not natural unless of course you are from Loompaland, which she was not.

This is pre-beauty school I had no suggestion on how to help her and took a good number of days for it to wear off.  If you are ever caught with the bad self tanner here is what you can do.

The most obvious for many reasons is prevention

  • Shower and use a body scrub before applying self tanner and avoid moisturizers with mineral oil.  Mineral oil will leave a coating on the skin and the color won't deposit evenly.
  • Choose a brown self tanner over an orange or yellow one...the browner the better.
  • If the damage has already been done then reversing it is necessary. Cut a lemon in halfor use lemon juice on a cotton ball to and rub on the area where you want to remove the sunless tanner.
  • If it is on your face you can try makeup remover, alcohol free toner or baking soda.
  • If it's on your body you can use a sugar scrub or try soaking it off in 1 cup baking soda 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide tub full of water and mix...then sugar scrub and shower when it is all said and done moisturize moisturize moisturize. 

    Depending on the product, your skin and your luck it could take anywhere between 2-10 days for the tan to fad away. 

Tan towel makes an awesome product that doesn't leave you streaky.