I've been offering online scheduling to clients of ME Beauty since 2008.  In September of 2009 I sent an SOS tweet out and Schedulicity came to the rescue. I have a habit of being loyal to those that help me when I am in need.  Making the decision to leave Schedulicity has been tough. 

I've been searching for something since 2010 and it's taken me an additional seven years to find something that I am comfortable with.  I know that I mentioned Flexbooker in an email last month and when it came down to it,  I was shook.  They did a major haul and updated their system just as I was onboarding and things went amuck.  Sure they fixed it but not before I took off for the hills. 

I have decided on Acuity and that is my final answer.  It gives me an opportunity to serve you,  and this is very important to me.  There are tons of exciting features that I will detail in an upcoming email or vlog.  I haven't decided since the possibilities are endless.

Here's what I need from you:  Register for an account and I can take it from there.   If you had an upcoming session already on the books, no worries, it's still on the books.  I transferred all of the sessions from Schedulicity to Acuity.   There's also an Acuity IOS app for iphone users. 

Please click on the links provided here.  If you go directly to the Acuity website you will be registering as a business and not as a client of ME Beauty, DON'T DO THAT please and thank you!