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Dry Brushing Is The Perfect Compliment to Waxing

I am a firm believer in the magical powers of dry brushing and how it compliments many forms of hair removal especially waxing.  I swear by it!  Here's list of 10 benefits. The brushes are available for purchase in the studio.  Pricing is listed below.

Bikini Brush is $16.99

Back Brush is $24.99

Body Brush is $15.99


Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 7.01.26 PM.png

You Can Now Schedule Online

Yeah, so it's been pretty crazy these past few months. I was so hopeful when the clock struck 12 on 1/1/2016 that all of my troubles would magically disappear.  Instead I experienced the Cinderella effect and all HELL broke loose...hehehehe.

Allow ME to Explain
Some awful person(s) were sabotaging my little waxing studio. I have no idea who or why, nor do I care.  In 2015 leading into 2016 I have had over 300 no-call, no show appointments. That's why I sent my "Open Letter" to all clients. After the open letter went out. They started online attacks and a smear campaign against me. Then the insane phone calls telling me what a horrible business woman I was came rolling in. Enough was enough. So I fought back.

In order to weed out the trouble maker(s) I had to cut off the on line scheduling. Which broke my heart, because that has been my claim to fame. Life is hard enough, booking a wax session should be easy! I am hopeful that the ughhhh is behind us. 

Schedule Sin Barreras (without borders)

Clients: You will be required to input a credit card to schedule a session, only once.

Offenders: Your card will be charged if you NO Call NO Show ,or cancel at the last minute. And it will be charged for the full amount, no exceptions.  

Sticky BUNdlers: You don't have to input your credit card information. Just select your service. 

Sticky BUNdles Are Back and Better than ever. 
For the first time this year...Sticky BUNdles are back!!! So be sure to grab yours today. Incase you are new to ME Beauty and don't know what Sticky BUNdles are here's a brief description.

If you do anything this year, this is the ONE THING to not miss! Waxing just got easier and a little less expensive!

Just wanted to introduce you to a new way to save on your wax sessions here at the studio. Instead of re-inventing the wheel I just decided to redecorate it a little bit. After it was all said and done I came up with Sticky BUNdles. 

For those of you that don't's how they work. You're pre-purchasing your wax sessions in exchange for big discounts. They come in bundles of 4,8 and 12. You grab what works best for you. Our Top Five services are BUNdled so that you can save BIG-TIME. This event was HUGE last year. So don't miss your chance to get in on the savings.  Grab Yours TODAY!!!

Here's the catch these awesome BUNdles are only available until 8/31/2016 and then they go Buh-Bye. 
They are available online.

If you purchase a Sticky BUNdles package thingamabob you're grandfathered in at the price you purchase yours, and can re-BUNdle whenever you feel the need. If you don't purchase this awesomeness...I'll still wax you. You just won't qualify for discounted services