A Flawless Canvas

To deny that great makeup looks better on beautiful skin would be nothing short of insane. In our western culture, we are negligent when it comes to our skin. In her book The Color Of Beauty, Iman said that she was taught that the skin you take care of  in your teens and 20s is the skin you inherit in your 30s, 40s, and beyond.

When I read that statement, it struck a nerve. I remembered a conversation that I had with my Aunt Sheila (my dad's sister) back in 1999 when we were roomies down in Georgia. I'd gone in her room to say good night, and there she was standing in her bathroom with a white mask on her face.

That moment opened up a ritual of weekly masks and girl bonding. We would wash our faces and put on our masks and talk. Now my aunt Sheila has the most beautiful skin I have ever seen on an individual. Her complexion is perfect, but so is her skin care routine.

Every night she cleanses her face. "I don't care what time of the night it is. I never wear makeup to bed." She learned that from her mother. She will occasionally use a toner if she feels oily and uses plenty of moisturizer and avoids her oily zones.

Now her excellent skin care habits totally rubbed off on me and played a part in my decision to add esthetician to my makeup artist resume. Flash forward to 2009 and here I am makeup artist/esthetician with my own blog about skin care and beauty.  Talk about family values.  



The Case of the Streaky Tan

I loved to watch willy wonka's chocolate factory growing up.  The oompa loompas were my absolute favorites.  They were awesome with their perfect timing and song and dance all while working in an the most amazing place on earth.

I have always held a special place in my heart for the oompa loompas, but ironically about 12 years ago I saw my first oompa loompa in person and she wasn't as cute as I'd remember them in the movie.  She was actually very tall, pleasant and resembled someone the I'd worked with the night before.

1997 I was working at Victoria's Secret in Westland mall and they just launched a self tanning line, and we were given some to try.   My co-worker went home and came back the next day a full on oompa loompa.  I was horrified for her because that orange is just not natural unless of course you are from Loompaland, which she was not.

This is pre-beauty school I had no suggestion on how to help her and took a good number of days for it to wear off.  If you are ever caught with the bad self tanner here is what you can do.

The most obvious for many reasons is prevention

  • Shower and use a body scrub before applying self tanner and avoid moisturizers with mineral oil.  Mineral oil will leave a coating on the skin and the color won't deposit evenly.
  • Choose a brown self tanner over an orange or yellow one...the browner the better.
  • If the damage has already been done then reversing it is necessary. Cut a lemon in halfor use lemon juice on a cotton ball to and rub on the area where you want to remove the sunless tanner.
  • If it is on your face you can try makeup remover, alcohol free toner or baking soda.
  • If it's on your body you can use a sugar scrub or try soaking it off in 1 cup baking soda 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide tub full of water and mix...then sugar scrub and shower when it is all said and done moisturize moisturize moisturize. 

    Depending on the product, your skin and your luck it could take anywhere between 2-10 days for the tan to fad away. 

Tan towel makes an awesome product that doesn't leave you streaky.

Stuckey's Got It Going On...

ok so as usual i was watching a pistons game; and yes girly girls do watch basketball my home is pistons country, anywho i got this brilliant idea after seeing rodney (50 cent look-a-like) stuckey shooting a pair at the line, that's basketball lingo for free throws. his unders were very well man-a-cured.  

that's it a brazilian wax for your pits fellas. stuckey had this landing strip kinda thing going on. as a waxologist i was very fascinated with his well groomed pits. nothing makes a girl toss her cookies faster than a full on pit-bush at the free throw line. 

hey nba, since you are in the mood to shake things up and add penalties,fines,fewer technicals and the like please keep the fans in mind and implement a under-pit grooming rule. thanks stuckey for starting this new trend. rock on rodney ms. esthy loves you.


After a good old fashioned hand washing; start thoroughly cleansing your face and neck with tepid water and a cleanser specifically for your skin type (ex. hydrating cleanser for dry skin). In my opinion you should not use bar soaps, because they have a tendency to strip your skin of its essential oils. Cleansing is the first step in any good skin care routine. Steaming or shaving before you cleanse your face is never an option, you can trap dirty harmful little microorganisms in your freshly opened pores, and this can lead to breakouts. "I am well aware of the fact that i am challenging a tradition as old as the hills, but they (the hills) are wrong the first step in shaving is cleansing the skin this is esthetics 101". You are now ready for step two.

You can do this by using a hot towel or while taking a hot shower. When you shower make sure the water is hot enough to cause vapor in the bathroom and on the mirror. Steaming the face causes the pores to open up releasing what lies beneath, a whisker or two. With your whiskers now in position you can move on to step three.

Pre-shave oil helps to lubricate your skin and it prevents nicking, cutting, and irritation. When choosing an oil make sure that is non-comedogenic (doesn't block pores). A dime-sized amount in the palm of your hand is all that is needed, dime sized not enough, silver dollar sized amount should do the trick on a slightly larger face. You will want to massage it thoroughly into your beard, this helps to soften your whiskers and it also keeps the razor gliding across your skin, remember we love it when a razor glides. Please don't overly concern your self with the fact that your face now has a sudden semi-gloss, you are now ready for step four.

Using a wet badger brush whip your shaving cream into a lather. Brushing encourages the hairs on your face to stand at attention, and that is what we want. Spread the whipped shaving cream using your badger brush over your well oiled face. F.Y.I. I do not like it when you use super foamy things like canned shaving creams and soaps, they make it nearly impossible for the razor to get close enough to your skin. I prefer it when you use the good stuff, a shaving cream that produces just enough lather for your razor and skin to get up close and p-e-r-s-o-n-a-l, you can proceed to step five.

Your razor should always without exception or hesitation be used in the direction that your hair grows. This is called shaving with the grain. Shaving in this direction helps prevent ingrown hairs by lifting the whiskers from your pores. You can start shaving at the sideburn of your choice and work your way downward paying careful attention to the direction in which your hair grows. Be sure to save your neck for last, this gives the shaving cream and oil a little extra time to soften the cuticle of the whiskers on your neck, since the skin on your neck is thinner than the skin on your face. Make sure you always use long even strokes, shaving with the grain,and be sure to rinse your razor blade often. Proceed to step six.


repeat steps four and five. Proceed to step seven

After you have finished shaving, you want wash away any left over shave oil or cream, and close your pores, you can do this by repeatedly splashing your face with cold water. Then you want to pat dry (not wipe) your face using a towel. Remember you wipe your nose, and pat dry your face. Proceed to step eight

Now it is time to show your skin some love after you just traumatized (shaving is skin trauma) it by using a soothing balm, after shave moisturizer, or a toner depending on your skin type, and lightly pat on the product until it is absorbed into your skin. Finish by properly cleaning and storing your shaving utensils. You are now ready to proceed to your nearest talent agency, with a shave this close you are bound to be cast as the next Gillette model.

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Life After Waxing

Epilar® System is a simple way to reduce unwanted hair semi-permanently (no method of hair removal is permanent). It is less expensive than electrolysis and laser. The Epilar® System works quickly and painlessly and can be used on all skin types and hair of any color.

The system contains two patent pending gels that are massaged into the skin immediately after waxing by your esthetician. It works on the hair follicles that are left empty after the waxing, specifically on hairs that are active and in the anagen phase (the growth phase). The two gels are applied one after the other to the skin by a licensed esthetician in a spa. 

Most users of the Epilar® System notice that the re-growth time has doubled, and the number of hairs has been reduced at least 20% by each treatment. For the best results, 8-12 treatments are recommended depending on the area of the body treated.

The procedure will also reduce pain in connection with waxing, increasing the intervals for depilation and leaves skin smooth and soft in between wax sessions.

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Some Guys Bare It All

The male brazilian has gone mainstream. Men from all over the world are enjoying the liberation that has been enjoyed by "hairfree" women for so long.  

Look before you leap: Here are a few things to consider when choosing an esthetician to do your waxing.

1. Do they practice the no double dipping method?
2. Do they reuse (recycle) their wax?
3. Do they wear gloves?
4. Do they care for your skin before and after waxing?
5. Do they educate you on proper care of your newly waxed skin?

These are a few of many things to think about when it comes to waxing. If the person you are considering does not meet "all" of these very basic guidelines then please reconsider. An educated client is a healthy client. ¡Happy Waxing!

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Minimized Pores Coming Right Up...

You can't shrink your pores, but refining their appearance is possible. Products such as Clinique contain silicone and optical diffusers, preventing shine by absorbing the sebum produced by the skin, and using optical diffusers to reflect light softening the appearance of flaws and blemishes.

image credit: CLINIQUE

Customized Waxing

Satin Smooth has taken the waxing game to the next level, with the others still scrambling from the blow that was dealt them a little over six years ago by this wax powerhouse. They have wax for every skin type and hair texture allowing estheticians to customize your wax session. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! 

SATIN SMOOTHIERS are evangelists when it comes to sanitation in the world of waxing. They preach and most importantly practice the "No Double Dipping Gospel". NO OTHER WAX COMPANY DOES THIS, THEY ALL DOUBLE DIP AND THAT'S THE KINDA DIRTY THAT DON'T COME CLEAN. According to SATIN SMOOTH an excellent wax session is the result of two things: clean contaminate free can of wax, and proper technique.  

Ms. Esthetician double crushes on this product, and lives and breathes the N.D.D. Gospel, and would not wax any other way. Seeing is definitely believing

image credit: SATIN SMOOTH

Exfoliation Is Core of GREAT SKIN...


is the sloughing off of dead cells on the skin's surface. Our skin naturally recycles itself every 28 days, encouraging fresh skin to the surface. Exfoliation is remarkable in that is gives every skin type exactly what it needs: maximizing moisture in dry skin, and helping to prevent breakouts in oily skin. After a good exfoliation your skin has a more even tone and appears smoother.

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What is A Brazilian Bikini Wax?


image credit: The Age

I have been asked this question quite a bit lately, and there is just so much hoopla and confusion surrounding this term. That even i am starting to get confused, so I have taken it upon myself to change the name from BRAZILIAN to LE'KINIVAL (lay-key-knee-val) which would certainly explain the party going on in your pants.lol

No seriously why are we so hung up on naming, renaming an already named thing, and over naming that? Brazilian, playboy, hollywood, tahitian, sphynx, do you feel my pain? Will we ever be on the same page? We need to unite as a collective group of waxologists and waxees to come up with a term that we agree upon. The thing that i find most ironic when it comes to B.P.H.T.S'.s is that the majority of places that provide the B.P.H.T.S wax thingy, won't even wax the butt. Now just what the heck is that all about? A true brazilian bikini or panty has the buttocks exposed and the exposed area looks better without hair.

I am a firm believer in having a sense of background and knowledge on a subject before i act on it. Most people have no idea where something came from and what the true meaning behind it is. A real brazilian wax is for the purpose of waxing the buttocks. (to wear those sexy little thong bikini bottoms) Whether or not you decide to leave a strip, patch, heart, triangle, or nothing does not make your waxing less brazilian if your rear is included. What makes me an expert? Because I am a reformed panty pusher, no seriously I sold lingerie for many years to pay my way through school. It is just one of those things that sticks with you.

So all those in favor of officially changing the brazilian wax to le' carnival please say I. And remember to have fun just walking!!!


My Latest Crush

I'm totally crushing on Belle Lucce's Chocolate Peruvian Chocolate Sugar Scrub, Cranberry Yuzu Sugar Scrub, and it's Silk and Honey Japanese Yuzu Lotion. These luxurious products have managed to impress the critics, naysayers, skeptics, and most importantly M.E. herself (an esthetician that is not easily impressed). I'm proud to give these products my Ms. Esthy seal of approval.

image credit: BELLE LUCCE'

Skin Facts

The integumentary system (skin), is the largest organ in the human body.
It is 15 percent of our body weight, each inch of our skin contains 15 feet of blood vessels, 12 feet of nerves, 650 sweat glands, and 100 oil glands, 65 hairs and 1,300 nerve endings.

Healthy skin is somewhat acidic, moist, soft, and smooth. It is thickest on the palms of the hands and on the soles of the feet, it is thinnest on the eyelids.

Skin's primary functions are: protection, sensation, heat regulation, excretion, secretion, and absorption.