I’ve been known To Wax people


I’ve been known To Wax people


Have you ever tried waxing yourself at home and been really disappointed?  We’ve all been there, honey! When you want professional results you need to leave it to a professional, and for sure I'm your girl.

I know that there are a lot of places out there that offer “waxing” (FYI...Friends Don't Let Friends Wax At Beauty or Nail Salons) and other hair removal services, but ME Beauty is different. I do bikini waxing, full body waxing, and on occasion tweezing.  Did I mention I don’t offer any other kind of hair removal methods other than waxing? Just checking. Waxing is my thing – I'm crazy passionate about it, and I'm dang good at it ;). Like no, seriously...I can wax a person blindfolded.  I swear that I was born to do this.

If you search “Rochester Michigan hair removal or Bikini Wax Rochester” you’re going to be greeted with a LOT of results – but when you choose ME Beauty you get a bad-sass professional that's all about bikini and body waxing.  I've spent years perfecting the art of bikini and body waxing.  I've taught hundreds of estheticians across the country how to wax.  I made quite a name for myself and decided to bring my talents back home to Rochester, Michigan and share them with you.  Dale Carnegie says that it's not bragging if it's true, so here goes...Why wouldn't you want to wax where other estheticians, barbers, salon owners and hair stylist get their waxing services? My Work speaks for itself.  

Why I'm Different

I'm different because I am totally awesome and my area of expertise is male body waxing!  I use the best fancy pants zinc oxide wax, it's never too hot, goes on smooth, and removes unwanted hair in a flash.  

I've been told by several clients that I am A Jedi Waxstar/Super Shero when it comes to waxing.  Hmmm, When I think back the name began in 2006 with my first group of clients.  That's where my claim to fame began with male body waxing, then it just stuck.