This information is for new female clients. I am noticing a trend of “empowerment” among women to be free and love their bodies as is. While I am in full support of the self love movement I am not interested in endangering the lives of others for selfish gain. This trend has hit very close to home and I feel the need to address it here on my website.

Over the course of several months I have encountered women that are booking sessions and expecting to be serviced while on their menstrual cycle. The fact that I have had to publicly defend my position in an online review for refusing a waxing service to a menstruating female is absolutely wicked. When you are menstruating you cannot go to your gynecologist and be seen for your appointment. They will ask you to reschedule and pay fees for a missed appointment. So what makes ME any different?

Ladies for the record, if you are on your period, spotting (still on your period), or on the last day of your period (which is still on your period) I don’t professionally recommend that you wax. If you insist on waxing then you must do the following NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Purchase a Diva Cup or a similar device to insert into your vagina and create a barrier between your menstrual blood and my gloves. Tampons do not create a barrier they are used to absorb your blood, not contain it. As a public service provider it is my JOB and greatest pleasure to ensure the safety of my existing and potential clients. Blood born disease is a real thing and I am not going to risk my health and the health of other people for you to get a bikini wax, it’s not worth it.