What to Expect

A Professional Wax Master – When you choose Tiffany, you’ll work with a professional that’s licensed and trained in all things waxing.

You'll Definitely Need to Get Dressed For Waxing – Depending on what you're getting waxed, you might need to remove some clothing (or all of it if you’re going full body). This can be a little uncomfortable at first, but trust ME, the results are totally worth it!

It Might Hurt – Sometimes the first time is the hardest – and that’s why I offer ME Beauty's Numbing cream for both Bikini and Facial waxing.

The Train Always Runs on Time – Your session will almost always start and finish on schedule. You’ll want to arrive a little early your first time to fill out our new client form – plus if you show up early you can nip those pre-wax jitters in the bud.


Waxing Takes Dedication

Waxing takes dedication and determination – you might not get completely smooth the first time around, but we won’t judge. Here are just a few of the awesome benefits of waxing:

It Lasts – Hair won’t regrow for about 2 to 4 weeks. 

It’s Fast – If you’ve ever tried to shave a large area before, you know it can take an afternoon – and for what? 12 hours of perfect results if you’re a master of blades? With waxing you have a few quick rips and you’re good to go for weeks, not hours. 

It Works – The more you wax, the softer and finer your regrowth will be – and the less you’ll have to wax too!


Wax According to Your Genes

As the Chief Hair Ripper Outer I've observed over her many years of waxing that the grow out periods and waxing frequency typically correlates to the kind of hair you have:

Coarse Hair? You’ll want to wax every 3-5 weeks and allow yourself 3 weeks of growth for a first time wax.

Curly Hair? You’ll want to wax every 4-6 weeks and allow yourself 2 weeks of growth for a first time wax.

Soft and/or Fragile Hair? You’re just like curly hair, give it 4-6 weeks between and 2 weeks of growth your first time.

Ginger, Blonde or Grey? The stuff that gives hair its color, chroma (or lack thereof in this case), also factors in to how dense and hard to remove a hair can be. Blondes might have more fun, but they’re also going to spend a little more time on the table. Don’t worry blondie, you’re not alone – ginger and grey hairs are just as stubborn.

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