Interested in waxing? Allow ME to lay down the ground rules. I so *heart* my job, that I am not just saying this STUFF for my health. These are things that need to be done before each session at ME Beauty. Oh, and don't for get to read our policy

Just so you know…Dry dehydrated skin does not wax well. You will need to ‘put some lotion on’ everyday the week prior to your session and continue after you’ve waxed. Just in case you were wondering what to use...In 2014 I decided to create our own ingrown hair solution.  It's called Bumpcology® Serum.  It's available exclusively at ME Beauty, for now.  Clients absolutely LOVE it and have been recommending it for their pre and post waxing needs. You can get yours for only $25.


Do I have to book my session online?

Yes, all sessions for NEW and existing clients have to be scheduled online. It costs you nothing to do so.  If you insist that I schedule your session I am happy to accommodate you. My per session rate is $15 this fee will be added to your bill.

Who are your clients?

Our clientele consists of the most amazing people. I wax many a professional folk including but certainly not limited to attorneys, doctors, nurses, engineers, the non-profit sector, actors, physical therapists, and quite a few entrepreneurs.  I don’t wax people that I don’t like...Mean People Suck!

I hate shaving, what can you do for me?

For starters I can wax you, and you have to be committed to waxing regularly.  Every 4 weeks is recommended for body waxing. I also offer an enzyme based hair reduction product. It was created by an amazing award winning esthetician and uses the latest in advanced scientific research to offer an effective and affordable method for reduction of unwanted body hair for all sexes, races, hair colors, and hair types.  This amazing ad on service is $20 per treatment. 

How old do I have to be to get waxed?

18 or older.

Do I have to sign your waiver?
Yes, you have to have a completed waiver signed  and on file prior to your appointment.  I strongly recommend signing the waiver first and then scheduling your wax session. FYI...I won't wax you if you don't have a signed waiver on file.  *** the link to The Waiver is located in the footer of the website.

Does waxing hurt?

Absolutely, but to help minimize the pain we now retail our very own numbing cream for $19.99. It makes for a virtually “Ouch Less” bikini wax.

Is my skin going to be red, now that I’ve waxed?

Possibly. Here’s the deal, if you’ve done everything that you should have like ‘put some lotion on it’ and washed before waxing. Then the redness should subside within 24-48 hours.

How often should I wax?

Typically bikini and body waxing should be done every 4 weeks and facial waxing should be done every 3 weeks.

I have an STD/STI (sexually transmitted disease or infection), can I still wax?


Has it been longer than 2 hours since I’ve washed the area to be waxed (it’s rhetorical)?

If you’ve gone numbers 1 or 2, had sex, went to the gym, or were sweating at any point before your session pretty puhlease WASH YOUR bleep.

Here’s Why...

  1. I think it’s nasty if you don’t.

  2. Because you wouldn’t be playing fair.

  3. More than likely you will get a gross infection because your skin is not clean.

Has it been at minimum two weeks since you last shaved, tweezed, waxed or Nair’d?

If you answered NO then you need to wait and schedule after you’ve reached the two week mark. If you come for an appointment before the two week grow out phase is complete, YOU will be charged the full session rate, and asked to reschedule.

Two weeks of hair growth is the  minimum requirement for everyone. NO EXCEPTIONS. Don’t worry about trimming, we will take care of it for you. *The science…everyone’s hair grows roughly 0.5 inches per month (doing the math it would take you 1/2 of a month to reach the desired length of 1/4 of an inch). Skin that’s dehydrated gives the illusion that hair is growing at an alarming rate, but this is not the case. Remember, ‘put some lotion on it’.

I’m on my Period, can I still wax?

No way Jose’, unless you are wearing a Diva cup.  You will need to wait until you are completely finished with your period. It makes me mouth vomit just thinking about it, and besides during this time your body tends to be more sensitive, making this wax way more painful. If you arrive for your session and are on your period, YOU will be charged the full session rate, and asked to reschedule.

I’m Pregnant, can I still wax?

Congrats Mama-to-be. As long as you don’t have any of the contraindications listed below that can result in a Skintastrophe, by all means you can wax. Feel free to have a chat with your OB and get their thoughts if you’re still unsure.

I have dry skin, can I wax?

Yes, but you will want to discontinue using any products that are overly drying or that over exfoliate your skin as not doing so may cause burning, tears and/or even scabbing. FYI: Dry dehydrated skin does not wax well, so remember to ‘put some lotion on it’.

What if I have a bad reaction to waxing?

I cannot predict how your skin will react to waxing, therefore for special occasions we recommend a test wax two to four weeks prior to the event. If there is no major reaction then you can come in to be waxed at least a week before your special day.

When was the last time that I tanned?

If your answer is less than 48 hours, you will need to wait to schedule your session at ME Beauty. Not playing fair and following the rules can result in damage to your skin.

Side notes to my sun getters

We are not your mom and we’re not interested in preaching to you, but we wouldn’t be good estheticians if we didn’t at least make mention of the importance of sunscreen. Sunscreen is Important!

So can I have sex, now that I’m waxed?

Medical professionals don’t recommend hot passionate for at least 24 hours after waxing. They don’t want you to cross contaminate the playground, but it’s your bikini…we just ask that you keep it cleany.  =)

Can I workout after my wax?

No. You should wait at least 24 hours and clean your skin immediately after you are done with your workout. Not doing so can result in unsightly breakouts.

What can I do, now that I’m waxed?

You can carry on with your life as usual. Just don’t do the following for at least 8 hours.

No HOT showers. No Heavy Moisturizes. No Anti-Perspirants. No Makeup (for those that wax your face).

Doing any of these things & waxing = a Skintastrophe

Botox treatments within 72 hours of waxing, retin-a, accutane, alpha hydroxy, tetracycline, diabetes, & phlebitis. These are only a few of the products and conditions that we’re aware of. If ever in doubt, do not wax and consult with your doctor.